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Your site is the best on the net. Over all the photography is awesome and the girls are magnificent! I will subscribe again in a few months. Thanks! R.O.

I think MET ART is beautiful. I enjoy it a lot more then playboy or any other nude mags. Are you looking for any new models ?? ;) ;) L.L.

I get disgusted when people exploit beautiful women in porno. You, at MET ART, are geniuses, artists in the truest form and have touched the heart of my nudist soul.

" TARGET="_blank">

I cannot thank you enough. After wading thru rivers of filth, finding your site is like deliverance! I thought I was the only man on earth that wanted to see photos of young women's' bodies because I find them exquisitely beautiful - rather than objects of degenerate adolescent fantasies. bkg /thumbs/ibp.htm"> /pht/mg1.jpg" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=58 BORDER=0>

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" TARGET="_blank"> metart_k_0054.jpg " TARGET="_blank"> metart_k_0055.jpg
" TARGET="_blank"> metart_k_0056.jpg " TARGET="_blank"> metart_k_0057.jpg

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