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FANTASTIC!! I am a retired nude model photographer (film) and your photo's are the best I have seen anywhere on the Internet in the past 8 years. D.R.C.

Hi, They say you can't please all the people all of the time. Therefore you will not be surprised to learn that you please me "only" nine out of ten times; not a bad score considering that decades of photographing have equipped me with a critical eye. You have created something that many of your competitors miss by a long shot: a successful blend of the erotic and the artistic.. and you have done it without sliding into the prudish or the vulgar. What a feat! What a delight! Thank you, Wayhas Canada

" TARGET="_blank">

The women that your photographers and videographers have captured on film and tape are absolutely beautiful. Most of the settings and/or backgrounds are beautiful in themselves, but add the likes of one of your models like Andrea, Alessandra, Marielle or Inna with perfect lighting and it makes for stunning video or photography. I am in video production and your images of gorgeous women has inspired me in ways I have never imagined. /thumbs/bp.htm"> /pht/mg1.jpg" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=58 BORDER=0>

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