Roselyne A: “Presenting Roselyne” by Luca Helios

Luca Helios is an excellent photographer and talent scout, and he has introduced a host of new beauties to Met Art. The gorgeous brunette Roselyne is his latest pet project. A curvaceous, sensuous, and self-possessed young woman, Roselyne exudes sexy cool. In a colorful and lighthearted series, Helios captures this young model with pizzazz and style. 

For Roselyne’s debut series at Met, Helios chose a comfortable but attractive set. Shot in a modern living room, red and white dominate the color scheme throughout the series. Diffuse but bright lighting gives the room a warm and airy feeling, and highlights the model’s soft skin and shiny hair. Helios is one of Met’s top photographers and his work seems to get better with every gallery. In this photo shoot, his use of light and color is impeccable. Interesting camera angles, as well as the model’s creativity in posing, result in a series of photos that are as engaging as they are erotic.

Roselyn is serenely beautiful in the first feature photo, which pictures the model in a silky red bra and panties. A heavy beaded necklace adorns the model’s shapely décolleté, and her hair hangs in a slick bob, framing her cherubic face. Roselyn’s bronzed skin is flawlessly soft and touchable, brought out by the diffuse but bright lighting. From her soft abdomen, a belly ring glitters. The slightly off-kilter camera angle makes this image particularly attractive, as Roselyn’s warm figure is framed by a bright red painting that hangs on the wall behind her.

Roselyne is extremely sensuous in the second feature image. As the model lies on her back, photographer Helios hovers over her body, creating an air of intimacy in the photo. Having stripped off her bra, the model plays with her panties between her heeled feet. Her bronzed figure is framed by the warm tones of the wooden floor. While the colors of this portrait are largely subdued, the model’s fringe of shiny black hair, as well as her shiny black heels, draw attention and balance the portrait.

Roselyn turns her back to the camera for the third portrait, which highlights the model’s shapely rear. Roselyn’s flawless skin is brought out by the subtle colors and lighting. Helios’s camera angle leaves her most feminine treasures just slightly out of focus, toning down this otherwise highly explicit image. Turning to face the camera, Roselyn’s dark almond-shaped eyes and brunette locks make her surprisingly attractive.



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