Raylene A: "Presenting Raylene" by Tim Fox

One of the first attributes that garners the attention when first glimpsing Raylene is her dazzling smile. This blonde’s happy-go-lucky disposition shines through in many of the pictures included in her debut Met appearance. The young woman’s comfort behind the camera is apparent immediately. Her captivating presence is impossible not to take note of – even among the abundance of timeless beauties found at Met Art.

The outdoor scenery chosen by Tim Fox for this photo shoot is breathtaking. The foliage is lush and full. The stone stairway offers versatility within the collection of photographs. Raylene uses the stairway to showcase some of her most stunning physical assets.

The form-fitting dress worn by Raylene at the opening of this series is scintillating. The vibrant colors of violet, tangerine, and canary are intense. The material of the dress clings to the voluptuous curves of the blonde’s body. Black high heels accentuate the shapeliness of her long toned legs. Raylene’s bronzed flesh contrasts distinctly against her flowing platinum tresses.

The cover image that reveals a first look at Raylene is heart-stopping. The model’s buxom bosom is bared. She’s seated on a set of weathered stone stairs with her legs generously parted. Raylene’s gaze is direct and commanding. The clarity of the picture is sharp and vivid at 4300 pixels. The model’s name written in ornate white script is boldly stamped across the cover photo.

The first showcased picture from this series presents a smiling Raylene with the front of her dress lowered enough to reveal one of her tanned breasts. The model rests one of her meticulously manicured hands on her chest and the other beneath her exposed bosom. Raylene’s sun kissed face glows with vitality.

Tim Fox offers a tantalizing image of the model’s curvaceous physique next. Raylene is photographed with her string bikini panties clinging just below the smoothness between her thighs. The variations in Raylene’s skin tones shimmer. Her countenance is one of calculated seduction.

Raylene kneels at the bottom of the stone stairs with her backside facing the camera in the final picture from this gallery. The focal point of this photo is clearly the model’s toned derriere. She also shares a glimpse of the pink flesh between her legs.




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