Samantha B: "Presenting Samantha" by Nikonoff

Samantha is a dark-haired novice model who makes her debut in this gallery bearing her name. This model’s brand of beauty is haunting. Her commanding presence is innate. Her large soulful eyes radiate with aspirations tinged with the quietest of doubts. Samantha doesn’t yet understand fully the power of her femininity.

The lingerie worn by this model is beguiling in a dramatic way. The sheer black and burgundy velvet bustier worn by Samantha is edged with delicate pink roses. It hugs tightly her slim torso. An intricately woven ebony scarf encircles the model’s hips. Silver coin-like charms hang from this accent piece. A single black mesh glove covers the hand and wrist of Samantha’s left hand. Shiny black high heeled boots adorn the model’s lower legs and feet. A necklace composed of clusters of random clusters of ivory pearl-like beads and matching earrings complete the ensemble of this youthful model.

Samantha is photographed by Nikonoff against a backdrop of windows in the cover photograph of this gallery. She seductively raises the front edges of her wrap to reveal the unspoiled treasure that lies beneath the material. Samantha’s long straight hair cascades over her shoulders though the sides are pinned securely away from her perfectly shaped face. This teen model’s eyes can best be described as startling in their intensity.

Nikonoff has included over 200 pictures within this collection to give viewers the chance to admire this Russian beauty in a variety of poses. Black and white film is utilized for several of the pictures. An impressive floral arrangement is included in many of the pictures. The inclusion of these flowers compliments well the budding maturity of Samantha.

The first photograph highlighted from this gallery focuses on Samantha beginning to shed her lingerie. The model is slipping the lingerie off her shoulders exposing a hint of her cleavage. An expression of seriousness dominates the teen’s sweet face. She is kneeling as if she is readying to offer herself to her lover.

The next picture boldly reveals this model’s nude physique. Samantha’s shimmering hair partially covers her breasts while the smoothness between her parted legs is unobstructed. Rows of silver charms rest just above the private space between Samantha’s opened thighs. The model’s glistening lips are slightly agape as if she is ready to share her most secret desires. Exotic flowers and greenery fill the background of this titillating explicit picture.  

Samantha’s contagious smile and her full and well-shaped derriere are two of the most distinguishing points of the final picture. The teen pulls her black scarf around her waist so that her ivory buttocks are exposed. She gazes over her shoulder and looks in the direction of Nikonoff’s camera. Samantha is a newcomer that Met readers will surely be looking forward to seeing more of.


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